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A statement from the United Nurses and Allied Professionals on the potential sale of Prospect CharterCARE hospitals

Providence, RI – The United Nurses and Allied Professionals (UNAP), a union representing approximately 850 employees at Prospect’s Rhode Island hospitals, issued the following statement today on the proposed sale of their Rhode Island hospitals to Centurion Foundation.

“The United Nurses and Allied Professionals will be intimately involved in this transaction, as this sale will have a significant impact on our local healthcare community. As we have always done, we will closely vet this transaction to make sure any new owner or operator of these healthcare facilities will provide quality care for patients and proper working conditions for the healthcare workers who serve them.

The UNAP is adamant that any buyer of Our Lady of Fatima Hospital, Roger Williams Medical Center, and Prospect Home Health must be willing to put healthcare first and be a true community partner – someone who is willing to invest in the workforce, the hospitals and our community. Prospect Medical Holdings came in and tried to suck every last nickel out of our hospitals in the interest of making a bigger profit for shareholders. Our health care workers, patients and community members deserve better than that, and as a union we will do everything in our power to make sure that doesn’t happen.”

Contact: Brad Dufault



Providence Business News: Approved school bus company contract increases hours, wages for union workers

PROVIDENCE – Rhode Island school bus drivers, monitors and aides are guaranteed an extra 7.5 hours of weekly work and a 19% pay bump under a recently approved contract between the labor union and the bus company.

The Nov. 9 contract between Service Employees International Union 1199 New England and First Student Inc. was “overwhelmingly” approved by the 275 union members who work for the private bus contractor, although a vote breakdown was not available, according to a union spokeswoman.

The agreement comes after months of failed negotiations over minimum hours and pay for union laborers, with the union threatening to strike if its conditions were not met. A tentative agreement was reached on Nov. 1, the day before the strike was scheduled to start, PBN previously reported.

The new contract, which took effect immediately, increases the minimum weekly hours guaranteed to First Student’s union workers from 20 to 27.5 hours while offering a 19% boost to combined wages to “out them on a path to economic independence,” Jesse Martin, SEIU’s executive vice president, said in an emailed statement. Read more here.

United Food Commercial Workers Local 328 Facebook:

Seven Stars workers at all five cafes held a day of action that saw amazing community support! Workers passed out literature and collected signatures of support, calling on the company to offer a fair wage. The company’s low base wage for baristas of only $9.00/hr is far less than other Rhode Island cafés. By investing in their employees with a higher wage, the company will be investing in our communities.

Show support for Seven Stars Bakery workers by visiting: https://linktr.ee/sevenstarsworkersunited to leave a review at your local Seven Stars, to tell the company that $9.00/hr is not enough! We appreciate all of the support offered for Seven Stars workers who love serving their customers and community.

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IBEW Local Union 99 Twitter:

The signing of an MOU for PLA’s on all jobs over $25 Million and apprentice utilization agreement at Brown University today. Long time in the making but great for the outlook ahead.

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East Providence Firefighters Local 850 Facebook:

Local-850 members pitched in this morning, carrying on the long standing tradition of giving back to our community during the Thanksgiving holiday. Shopping, assembling, and delivering complete holiday dinner baskets ready to be passed along to those less fortunate. Once again we have partnered up with Shaw’s Market and the East Providence Boys and Girls Club to make all of this possible. We’d also like to recognize New Image Car Wash for their contribution, assisting us in completing this mission. Great work everyone!

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Middletown RI Firefighters Local 1933 Facebook:

This week, Local 1933 members and other area departments had the opportunity to practice the skill of VEIS (Vent, Enter, Isolate, Search). Connecticut Custom Fire Training LLC did a fantastic job teaching the class! Thank you to @ctcustt for your tremendous training and knowledge. Thank you to Jamestown Fire Department @jamestownfireri for hosting the event. Thank you to Portsmouth Fire department @pfdlocal1949 for bringing their equipment and great work ethic!

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RICOSH: Hazards of Working in Cold Work Environments

The Body in Cold Environments

The first thing is the skin gets cold. Blood vessels in the skin and the extremities (nose, toes, fingers, ears) constrict to reduce heat loss. We may begin to shiver if we continue to lose heat: shivering produces extra heat. Prolonged exposure to cold, however, (especially with increasing wetness or moisture) can soon overwhelm this simple benevolent strategy and lead to net body heat loss.

As more heat is lost from our bodies blood flow to the extremities is reduced; our reactions become sluggish and clumsy we may even become disorientated. As a result, risks from slips, trips, and falls, objects being dropped from heights, and getting hit by moving vehicles and equipment increase.

Fluids in our tissue can actually freeze. This is frostbite. The most common targets of frostbite are the extremities (nose, ears, fingers, and toes). Trench foot is a condition like frostbite where the feet become swollen and itchy, and then very painful. Extreme or prolonged cold exposure (usually combined with demanding physical activity) can induce hypothermia, a life-threatening disorder. Read more here.


***For your last-minute food and drinks to purchase for Thanksgiving, please remember to shop at Stop & Shop, Shaws and Eastside Marketplace where our union brothers and sisters work.


The Rhode Island Labor History Society:

Panel Discussion: Organizing and Reinventing Unions in the 1970s and 1980s: Stories and Lessons Learned by Those Who Were There.

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