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Secretary-Treasurer Patrick Crowley Twitter:

Great evening celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the Rhode Island Institute for Labor Studies and Research with US Secretary of Labor @secmartywalsh . Congratulations to all the winners of the Eagle Award.

Congratulations to IBEW Local 99 members David Mattox and Ashley Conn for winning the photos they submitted

Climate Jobs National Resource Center:

CJNRC hosted a national photo contest earlier this year called “The Future is Union: Climate Urgency Through the Eyes of Workers” for union members working in climate jobs. We received a number of fantastic submissions, including many from Rhode Island!

Our panel of jurors (three photographers and a photo editor at the New Yorker) selected two Local 99 members, David Mattox and Ashley Conn, as two of the three winners to receive a $500 VISA gift card. I’ve attached their winning photos.

Below are the winning photos from IBEW Local 99 members.

NEA of Rhode Island Twitter:Congrats on your @Milken award @missrendine! Known as the “Oscars of teaching,” Rendine’s is the first ever given in the City of East Providence and the only one in RI this year. Onward Hennessey Heroes! Townie Pride never sleeps! @TeachersEPEA@RIDeptEd

Watch video here.

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AFL-CIO: Watch: President Liz Shuler on PBS’ ‘Amanpour & Company’

  • How the economy evolves and how our culture evolves is reflected in how our unions operate. So, I’m excited because unions and collective bargaining are the most powerful tools for social change, economic and racial justice, and being at the forefront of innovation in the workplace.
  • And having worker-friendly elected officials who have our back is a critical priority of ours. That’s why we’re working so hard in these midterm elections to show the connection between the ballot box and working conditions.

On Wednesday, I had the opportunity to speak with Michel Martin of NPR about the future of our labor movement. Click here to watch the interviewWatch video here.

Labor 411: Five Good Reasons To Buy Union-Made Products

Want to help build a better America? Go union-made! Here are five reasons why it’s better to buy union.

You Support Companies Where Workers Are Paid Fairly And Have A Voice On The Job

Many of us dislike the notion of spending our consumer dollars on companies that are run like dictatorships and pay workers poverty wages. But at unionized companies, workers have a voice on the job and within their union. This creates a more democratic environment for the worker where he or she has real bargaining power and decision-making in the workplace.

Buying union-made often means buying American-made or American-built. By spending our money on domestic production, we invest in our own economy and create more tax revenue for important things like infrastructure and education.

You Deny Money To Non-Union Companies

The union-busting companies of the world can’t survive without customers. If we spend on union companies instead, we “punish” non-union companies by not giving them the thing they need most: our consumer dollars.

You Support Companies With Safer Work Environments

It’s a well-documented fact that union jobs are safer jobs. Workers negotiate over safety issues, bringing a higher level of safety than is often found in non-union workplaces.

Start buying union-made today by browsing our directory of over 11,000 union-made products and services. It’s the largest directory directory of it kind.


United Way of Rhode Island’s 96th Annual Celebration

When: Wednesday, October 12 | 5:30 – 7:30 p.m.

Where: Farm Fresh Rhode Island, 10 Sims Avenue Unit 103, Providence

Join us to celebrate the positive impact we’ve made this year, thanks to you — our donors, partners, and volunteers. Together, we’re building hope in a better tomorrow for every Rhode Islander.

In addition, each year we honor the heroes among us and celebrate their contributions in helping us fulfill our mission to build racial equity in Rhode Island and to create justice and opportunities for all.


·         John H. Chafee Live United Award | Beverly Ledbetter

·         Dante F. Mollo Labor United Award | Patrick Quinn

·         Partners United Award | Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island

·         Community United Award | Rhode Island Center for Justice

·         Live United Exemplary Service Award | Dr. Nicole Alexander-Scott

This event is free and open to all.


OEHCRI: Lunch & Learn Seminar


R.I. Building & Construction Trades Council:

For details, please call Meredith Cotta, Development & Operations Associate at 401-921-2434 x 202 or events@BigsRI.org.

Direct Donation / Registration for Sponsorship Opportunities or More Information: bigsri.org.

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