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An updated Union Directory listing union goods and services in R.I. can be found on our website at www.RhodeIslandAFLCIO.org under the “Resources” tab.

Here is the direct link—-> Union Directory

Please use this directory to find where you can buy union and use services in Rhode Island

R.I. Federation of Teachers and Health Professionals:

Brendan Fogarty Facebook:

Congratulations to Phil Fogarty, President of Utility Workers, Local 310 for earning the United Way of RI Dante Mollo award. Watch Video.

R.I. Committee on Occupational Safety and Health: Hazards of Working in Cold Conditions

What Happens to the Body in a Cold Work Environment

The first thing is the skin gets cold. Blood vessels in the skin and the extremities (nose, toes, fingers, ears) constrict to reduce heat loss. We may begin to shiver if we continue to lose heat: shivering produces extra heat. Prolonged exposure to cold, however, (especially with increasing wetness or moisture) can soon overwhelm this simple benevolent strategy and lead to net body heat loss.

As more heat is lost from our bodies blood flow to the extremities is reduced; our reactions become sluggish and clumsy we may even become disorientated. As a result risks from slips, trips, and falls, objects being dropped from heights, and getting hit by moving vehicles and equipment increase.

Fluids in our tissue can actually freeze. This is what is meant by frostbite. The most common targets of frostbite are the extremities (nose, ears, fingers, and toes). Trenchfoot is a condition like frostbite where the feet become swollen and itchy, and then very painful. Extreme or prolonged cold exposure (usually combined with demanding physical activity) can induce hypothermia, a life threatening disorder. Learn more here.

New York Times:

To the Editor:

Re “A Union Will Make Google Better,” by Parul Koul and Chewy Shaw (Op-Ed, Jan. 5):

Workers at Google and other Alphabet companies have started the Alphabet Workers Union, inpartnership with the Communications Workers of America. This is a breakthrough. It includesall workers. It follows union victories at Kickstarter and Glitch. This is Labor 2.0.

Unions are for everyone, in every field. That’s why the labor movement is working to organizeBig Tech and fighting for a fair and equitable future of work, in every sector. The A.F.L.-C.I.O. iseven starting a technology institute, to leverage innovation for the labor movement, because thebenefits of technology should create prosperity and security for everyone, not just the wealthyand powerful.

Challenging corporate power alone is a vulnerable place to be, but together with their union,workers can be a check on that power. Their faith in the right to organize is inspiring.

Liz Shuler


The writer is secretary-treasurer of the A.F.L.-C.I.O.

AFL-CIO: President Richard Trumka’s Opening Remarks | 2021 MLK Conference

On Friday, the AFL-CIO kicked off our annual MLK civil and human rights conference. AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka (UMWA) shared an important message about this day.

Watch Video

AFL-CIO Twitter:
Many thanks to our @IATSE members who put in the work. #Inaguration#1u

‘Field of Flags’ put on display at the National Mall ahead of Joe Biden’s inauguration The Presidential Inaugural Committee put up a “Field of Flags” that represents the American people who are unable to travel to Washington, DC, for Inauguration Day amid the coronavirus pandemic and security threats. Fifty-six pillars of light, representing the US states and territories, were also lit up for 46 seconds to mark the inauguration of the 46th President of the United States, Joe Biden.

Labor 411: The (Ethical) Rush to the Super Bowl

Take heart, gridiron fanatics…the NFL playoffs have arrived and the Super Bowl is but a few short weeks away. We’re looking at four exciting matchups this weekend and while playoff-watching parties figure to be smaller affairs due to the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone still needs to chow down. You have choices when you shop and we recommend always rushing toward the brews and bites listed below which are made by ethical companies who treat their workers well and give them a voice on the job.

Enjoy the games, stay safe, and together we’ll build a stronger America.

See list here.


Raise the Bar on Resident Care Event

Rally for Nursing Home JusticeDate: Today at 3:30 p.m.
Location: Veterans Memorial Auditorium 1 Avenue of the Arts, Providence

More info here.

If you want a voice on the job or to build a better workplace, click the here to start organizing and taking action.

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