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Contact information from RI AFL-CIO Conference Call on 4/7/2020

https://centerforjustice.org/ 491-1101

https://www.uwri.org/ 2-1-1 or 444-0600

https://capitalgoodfund.org/ 866-584-3651

Providence Business News: Five Questions With: Patrick Crowley, National Education Association of Rhode Island assistant executive director

1. Before COVID-19, what was the most pressing labor issue for teachers? It was the state takeover of Providence public schools and what that might hold for districts across the entire state. Before the crisis, many teachers were concerned Rhode Islanders did not appreciate how hard it is to be an educator. Teachers felt like they were blamed for how our economy fails to address the growing gaps between rich and poor people.

2. After COVID-19, has that changed? It’s changed dramatically. With so many people required to stay home and take an active part in the education of their own children, there is a newfound respect for what teachers do every day. Rhode Islanders began to have an appreciation for the profound role educators play in the lives of students. With the introduction of distance learning, educators created a completely new education delivery system overnight and so far, the results are remarkable.

3. Have teachers been getting enough support for distance learning? Yes. It hasn’t been perfect, but when problems are identified, they are addressed, and Gov. [Gina M.] Raimondo and her team deserve a lot of credit for that. It’s been inspiring watching the professional-development programs of the two teachers’ unions, the Rhode Island Federation of Teachers and Health Care Professionals and National Education Association Rhode Island, turn on a dime and offer innovative distance-learning training for teachers across the state.




Low wages leads to high turnover which impacts both safety and service for our communities. It’s time for Durham to do what’s right for RI families .

RICOSH: Worksite Solutions: Beat the Heat: Elements of a Heat-Healthy Program

Even small increases in periods of hot weather above the norm results in increases in hospital admissions for respiratory, heart, and kidney –related illness. Rhode Islanders are more likely to seek emergency care and die on days hotter than 80 degrees, according to Brown University researchers. Climate change is already making extreme heat waves more likely and even hotter. Meanwhile, some of the standard solutions such as dedicated cooling areas or cooling centers may not be advisable with the COVID-19 crisis. And the guidance to wear masks for the general public and for workers to wear actual air-purifying respirators, will add another aspect to the risk of heat–related illness and injury.

Elements of Heat-Healthy Program for Workers:      

Download OSHA-NIOSH APP Heat Safety Tool. [Real-time heat index and hourly forecasts, specific to your location, with safety recommendations from OSHA/ NIOSH.]

Regular hydration (fluid intake) is vital.

But water and sports drink intake alone will not prevent heat illnesses. It is also important to adjust the work environment and regimen. LEARN MORE


AFL-CIO: Working People Join Caravan for Racial and Economic Justice

On Wednesday, working people across the United States joined the Workers First Caravan for Racial + Economic Justice. In observation of social distancing guidelines for public safety, working people took to their cars and joined caravans across the country. America faces crises on three critical fronts: a public health pandemic, an economic free fall and long-standing structural racism. To address these crises, we must focus on America’s Five Economic Essentials, which cannot be addressed without also taking on racial injustice directly.

America’s Five Economic Essentials are:

1. Keep front-line workers safe and secure.
2. Keep workers employed and protect earned pension checks.
3. Keep state and local governments, our public schools and the U.S. Postal Service solvent and working.
4. Keep America healthy by protecting and expanding health insurance for all workers.
5. Keep America competitive by hiring people to build infrastructure.

Here are some highlights of yesterday’s caravans from around the country: READ MORE

AFL-CIO: AFL-CIO Statement on Juneteenth

June 19, 2020

Statement from AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka on Juneteenth:

On June 19, we commemorate the official freeing of the last enslaved Black people in the United States. This is a day of profound meaning to Black workers, as it should be to all working people who cherish and defend the freedom to live our own lives, speak with our own voices and enjoy the fruits of our labor. Juneteenth reminds us that we are independent of those who hire us, who seek to control us and who view us as objects with costs instead of as human beings with inherent dignity and worth.

The original Juneteenth celebrations happened on the Texas Gulf Coast, the childhood home of George Floyd. This Juneteenth will be celebrated around the country—from Galveston, Texas, to Black Lives Matter Plaza in Washington, D.C.—by people demanding justice for George Floyd, Rayshard Brooks and far too many others. We will be in the streets, both celebrating and demanding our freedom—freedom from racism and all the poisonous fruit it bears.



Community service

2020 Stamp Out Hunger Donor Drive

For the last 27 years, the National Association of Letter Carriers has been proud to hold the Stamp Out Hunger food drive, the nation’s largest one day food drive, on the second Saturday in May. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we weren’t able to safely collect and distribute food in May this year. However, we will schedule the 28th annual Stamp out hunger food drive when it is safe to do so.

In the meantime, the need for food assistance is more urgent than ever and we want to give everyone the opportunity to continue to help meet that need.

The Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive is a drive with a single mission—to feed the hungry in America, and as always, with your help, we will.

More information to donate



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Voices in Labor:

Ten miners accused of being militant “Molly Maguires” were hanged in Pennsylvania. Many historians argue that the Molly Maguires, a secret miners’ organization allegedly responsible for violence and social conflict in the coal regions, never really existed. A private corporation initiated the investigation of the ten accused miners through a private detective agency. A private police force arrested them, and private attorneys for the coal companies prosecuted them. “The state provided only the courtroom and the gallows,” a judge said many years later. – 1877

The US Supreme Court upheld the right of unions to publish statements urging members to vote for a specific congressional candidate, ruling that such advocacy is not a violation of the Federal Corrupt Practices Act. – 1948 100,000 unionists and other supporters marched in solidarity with striking Detroit News and Detroit Free Press

newspaper workers. – 1997-LEARN MORE

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The Second Annual Co-Op Day made possible through the hard work of everyone at Fuerza Laboral, including Heiny Maldonado and Raul Figueroa; Oscar Leiva at Healthy Planet Cleaning Co-op; Mikaela Enos at Bread & Roses Print & Design; and a special thank you to Jess Vega for hosting and Sara Van Horn for translating.

And the Rhode Island Committee on Occupational Safety and Health and Worker Safety in the age of Covid-19 with Jim Celenza and Fred Malaby, hosted by Patrick Crowley includes a host of extremely pertinent information for staying safe in these times.

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