E-news: June 11, 2020

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Contact information from RI AFL-CIO Conference Call on 4/7/2020

https://centerforjustice.org/ 491-1101

https://www.uwri.org/ 2-1-1 or 444-0600

https://capitalgoodfund.org/ 866-584-3651

NEARI Press Release: June 9, 2020

NEA Tiverton takes vote of no confidence in Superintendent

Tiverton, R.I. – The faculty members of NEA Tiverton met last week and, with overwhelming support, took a vote of no confidence in Peter Sanchioni, the Superintendent of the Tiverton school system. While the vote was unanimous, a few members not in attendance did not agree with this step, and we remain troubled that even this protected action would lead to further bullying and intimidation from the Superintendent.

The members listed the following concerns:

1.   The termination of the union president for doing union work. The Superintendent has continually demonstrated a refusal to acknowledge the fact that when the union and management come to the table, they sit as equals.

2.   The perpetuation of a distressing culture. Instead of cultivating a culture of open dialogue and soliciting input, the Superintendent’s top-down management style is one of bullying and intimidation with the expectation that union members will just fall in line. When individuals step forward to challenge the Superintendent, they are met with a domineering, belittling attitude and sarcastic responses.

3.   The demoralization of ineffective leadership. The recent debacle of the Superintendent distributing layoff notices – faulty notices – that used inaccurate termination language during a global pandemic; a difficult time when educators and support professionals are already stretched thin and stress levels are heightened.

4.   The basic failure to understand the necessity of educating the whole child. In these times of strife and uncertainty, the failure of the Superintendent to grasp the importance of educating our students in all aspects of the world they will someday enter as adults – including art, music, health and physical education, as well as providing for the social and emotional needs with guidance and social services and ensuring those with special needs are treated as equals – shocks our collective conscience.


AFL-CIO: AFL-CIO General Board Recommends Police Reform, Calls for Defense Secretary, Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff and President of Minneapolis Police Union to Resign
June 9, 2020

Today, the General Board of the AFL-CIO adopted a comprehensive set of recommendations to take concrete action to address America’s long history of racism and police violence against black people.

These recommendations include calling for the immediate resignations of the secretary of defense and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff for their roles in the misuse of federal military power to put down peaceful demonstrations (full statement below); supporting the call of the Minnesota AFL-CIO for the president of the Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis union to resign and backing the statement of MLK Labor in Seattle demanding changes from its police affiliate; recommending that every central labor council work with local unions to engage in community listening sessions modeled after the 2013 AFL-CIO Convention; recommitting the labor movement to continue acting on the findings of the AFL-CIO Labor Commission on Racial and Economic Justice and the demographic recommendations of the AFL-CIO Commission on the Future of Work and Unions; and supporting recommendations put forth by the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights to crack down on police brutality while protecting the due process rights of all public service workers.


AFT: Ivy League grad workers win historic first union contract

Graduate workers at Brown University have signed a groundbreaking labor contract, winning job security, hundreds of dollars in COVID-19-related healthcare relief and a stipend increase, in the middle of an unprecedented national crisis. The contract marks the first time an Ivy League school has agreed to a labor contract with graduate workers.

The tentative three-year agreement, covering more than 1,200 workers, will provide graduate employees with peace of mind and financial relief to chart a path through the coronavirus and economic turmoil upending U.S. higher education. It comes after five years of organizing and 13 months of bargaining by their union, Stand Up for Graduate Student Employees, which is affiliated nationally with the AFT.

The contract includes an effective 3.7 percent stipend increase in the first year; a one-year appointment extension due to COVID-19 for third, fourth, fifth and many sixth years; full reimbursement for out-of-pocket COVID-19 testing and treatment medical expenses; the establishment of a health reimbursement account; and a mechanism to deal with sexual harassment claims outside of Title IX. Graduate workers who are parents have secured additional relief.


Rhode Island AFL-CIO // Workers First Caravan

Start: Wednesday, June 17, 2020• 3:00 PM

Location: US Post Office – Providence•West River Street, Providence, RI 02904

Host Contact Info: pcrowley@neari.org

Sign-up HERE

Join the Rhode Island Labor Movement in a rolling caravan to call attention to the importance of the US Postal Service and America’s 5 Economic Essentials .

The caravan will start at the West River Street/Corliss Street intersection and proceed around the postal center, with stops at the Providence Teacher Union Hall and the Stop & Shop on West River Street. We will then travel down Branch Ave to parade by a non-union construction site where concerns have been raised about worker safety.



APWU: Save the Post Office ad and Danny Glover spot hit the airwaves


Here is his message:

“It’s hard to think of an institution more central to American life than the U.S. Postal Service, maybe that’s why it’s so easy to take it for granted.
I’m Danny Glover, and both my parents were postal workers; and during the holiday season, so was I.
My parents went to work knowing that what they did in our community was essential, and that’s still true today.
The coronavirus has impacted the Postal Service like any other business, finances are tight; but postal workers are still risking their own health on the front lines.
Nothing would have kept my mom and dad from their jobs because it’s more than a job.
Mail keeps American open – for business, for community, and for family.
Join me in expressing gratitude to the men and women of the U.S. Postal Service.”

Voices of Labor:


The Revenue for Rhode Island coalition will hold a tele-town hall event to discuss our campaign to raise revenue for RI by adding one new tax bracket for the top 1% of earners – from 5.99% to 8.99% on adjusted gross income above $475,000.

Please register in advance of the event at: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZModOmopzwiEtUEF3MtZ7yQp-OTPEQqqYsA

Register HERE for today’s Town Hall Meeting



Yahoo Finance: Workers Are Striking Across America — See Which Protests Brought Lasting Change

A general strike by 12,000 auto workers and others in Lansing, Michigan shut down the city for a month in what was to become known as the city’s “Labor Holiday” The strike was precipitated by the arrest of nine workers, including the wife of the auto workers local union president whose arrest left three children in the couple’s home unattended. – 1937

Thirty-five members of the Teamsters, concerned about the infiltration of organized crime in the union and other issues, meet in Cleveland to form Teamsters for a Democratic Union. – 1976

The Labor Party’s founding convention opened in Cleveland, Ohio. – 1996

The US Employment Service was created. – 1933


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Voices in Labor:

In what would become known as the Memorial Day Massacre, police opened fire on striking steelworkers, their families, and supporters who were marching to the Republic Steel plant in South Chicago to set up a picket line. The Police killed ten people and pursued those fleeing the attack, wounding over 160. No one was ever prosecuted. – 1937

The Ground Zero cleanup at the site of the World Trade Center was completed three months ahead of schedule due to the heroic efforts of more than 3,000 building tradesmen and women who had worked 12 hours a day, 7 days a week for the previous 8 months. – 2002

12,500 longshoremen struck the Pacific coast, from San Diego to Bellingham. Their demands included a closed shop and a wage increase to 55 cents an hour for handling general cargo. – 1916


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