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Contact information from RI AFL-CIO Conference Call on 4/7/2020

https://centerforjustice.org/ 491-1101

https://www.uwri.org/ 2-1-1 or 444-0600

https://capitalgoodfund.org/ 866-584-3651

NewportRI.com: Terminated Tiverton teacher Amy Mullen showered with support

“It shows you what the labor movement can do when there’s a cause we believe in. When we’re not allowed to have our voice, we do something about it,” Mullen said.

PORTSMOUTH — Amy Mullen is a 25-year special education teacher in the Tiverton school district and 20-year union head who was terminated from her job after she said she tried to be a voice for her membership during a meeting about distance learning from which she was barred.

On Thursday afternoon, Mullen was given a morale boost by fellow educators, who drove by her home with signs of encouragement and beeping horns in what was called a “Rolling Rally to Support Amy Mullen.”

Wearing a face mask, dressed mostly in purple and joined by her family, Mullen stood outside her house holding a big “Thank You” sign and waved to her colleagues and supporters in the cars and trucks that passed her, their horns blaring.

“I am so overwhelmed,” she said. “It shows you what the labor movement can do when there’s a cause we believe in. When we’re not allowed to have our voice, we do something about it,” Mullen said.


NEARI FaceBook: Video of the Bring Back Amy Caravan Rally


UFCW: Today @UFCW is calling on top grocery CEOs to immediately extend emergency pay for grocery workers on frontlines of #coronavirus outbreak. America’s grocery workers put their lives at risk to keep our families fed. They must come before corporate profits.


Teamsters: Teamster Contract Overwhelmingly Ratified at STA/Ocean State Transit

(EAST PROVIDENCE; BARRINGTON, R.I.) – Approximately 215 school bus drivers, monitors and aides voted overwhelmingly over the weekend to ratify their first contract with STA/Ocean State Transit and become members of Teamsters Local 251.

The five-year deal calls for significant increases in pay, new dental and vision benefits, a retirement plan with company contributions, multiple bonuses, just-cause job protections, seniority rights and a grievance and arbitration procedure.

“None of the wages, benefits or working conditions were guaranteed or consistent with area standards in Rhode Island before the workers organized with the Teamsters,” said Nick Williams, Local 251 Business Agent. “In fact, we were able to regain benefits for paid days off which had been previously taken away by the employer.”

“We believe this new contract recognizes the commitment these workers have for safely transporting our children every day,” said Matt Taibi, Secretary-Treasurer of Local 251. “These dedicated school bus workers sought Teamster representation eighteen months ago and saw it through to a Teamster contract. In these challenging times being a Teamster has more value than ever. We appreciate the community support. We would like to thank them as well as the Teamsters’ Passenger Transportation Division and Strategic Research and Campaigns Departments for their assistance in reaching this successful conclusion for our new members.”



AFL-CIO: AFL-CIO Sues OSHA for Emergency Temporary Standard to Protect Workers

This morning, the AFL-CIO filed a petition for a writ of mandamus in the U.S. Court of Appeals to compel the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to issue an emergency temporary standard (ETS) protecting U.S. workers against the coronavirus.

The petition demonstrates that thousands of workers have been infected on the job through exposure to infected patients, co-workers and unscreened members of the public. As the economy reopens and people return to work, person-to-person contact will increase and health experts predict the already shocking number of infections and deaths among workers will rise.

“It’s truly a sad day in America when working people must sue the organization tasked with protecting our health and safety,” said AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka. “But we’ve been left no choice. Millions are infected and nearly 90,000 have died, so it’s beyond urgent that action is taken to protect workers who risk our lives daily to respond to this public health emergency. If the Trump administration refuses to act, we must compel them to.”


AFL-CIO: Labor Radio–Podcast Weekly: Fire Fighters and COVID-19, the Longest Wildcat Strike and More

The latest episode of the Labor Radio-Podcast Weekly features firefighters during COVID-19, the country’s longest wildcat strike, a new show and more. This week’s highlights include:

IAFF Podcast: Hosts Mark Treglio and Doug Stern talk with members of the Fire Fighters health and safety division about how their members are dealing with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic: “Our firefighters and paramedics are used to risking their lives and safety every day when they go to work, but the sheer scope of the virus, combined with the lack of PPE in some communities, creates a very anxiety-provoking situation.”


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ILSR Basic/Advanced Steward Training Virtual Workshop via ZOOM

The Institute is offering a Basic/Advanced Steward Training Virtual Workshop via ZOOM consisting of 2 sessions to be held on Monday, June 15th 5:00-7:30PM and Monday, June 22nd 5:00-7:30PM.

Seating is limited and on a first come first serve basis. If you are interested in attending the Steward Training Workshop, please reply by Monday, May 25, 2020 directly to Denise Cesino at 401-463-9900 or dcesino@riilsr.org


Voices in Labor:

An Oklahoma jury found for the estate of atomic worker Karen Silkwood and ordered Kerr-McGee Nuclear Company to pay $505,000 in actual damages and $10 million in punitive damages for negligence leading to Silkwood’s plutonium contamination. – 1979

In what may have been baseball’s first labor strike, the Detroit Tigers refuse to play after team leader Ty Cobb was suspended after he went into the stands and beat a fan who had been heckling him. Cobb was reinstated and the Tigers went back to work after the team manager’s failed attempt to replace the players with a local college team whose pitcher gave up 24 runs. – 1912

Twelve Starbucks baristas in a midtown Manhattan store signed cards demanding representation by the Industrial Workers of the World, or Wobblies, declaring they couldn’t live on $7.75 an hour. – 2004

Fast food workers took to the streets of Milwaukee in a one-day work stoppage to demand a $15.00 an hour wage. – 2013


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  ▪ Erica Hammond sits down with Emmanuel Falck of SEIU 1199NE to discuss the many challenges their member’s are facing while working on the front line of the COVID-19 pandemic. Falck highlights the unwavering strength shown by members and the great show of solidarity by allies and community members in their fight for hazard pay, personal protective equipment (PPE), safe staffing, and over all quality care conditions in their workplace. The two discuss a few of the victories members fought for as well as a new tool SEIU 1199NE has created to help community members get involved in their ongoing fight for safer conditions for both workers and the individuals they care for.

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