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An updated Union Directory listing union goods and services in R.I. can be found on our website at www.RhodeIslandAFLCIO.org under the “Resources” tab.

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You can find some helpful resources on our website.
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Contact information from RI AFL-CIO Conference Call on 4/7/2020

https://centerforjustice.org/ 491-1101

https://www.uwri.org/ 2-1-1 or 444-0600

https://capitalgoodfund.org/ 866-584-3651

NEARI: An Open Letter to the Tiverton School Community

(April 30, 2020)

Dear NEA Tiverton Union Members and other Concerned Citizens in the Tiverton School Community,

As you are most likely aware, 25-year special education Tiverton teacher Amy Mullen was recently fired from her job at the recommendation of Superintendent Peter Sanchioni.

A few days ago, Superintendent Sanchioni pushed a skewed narrative in an email to teachers, staff, and parents that we felt needed a response. After politely thanking everyone for patience “during these trying times,” he launched into his real purpose in writing: to vilify Amy Mullen and to commence her public flogging. Sanchioni offered no supporting details or relevant context for his decision to fire Mullen, who also serves as Tiverton teacher union president.

She was, said Sanchioni, uncooperative, unprofessional, and persistently “divisive and obstructive.”  

Was she a poor teacher? No. Uncooperative when counseled about deficiencies? No. Unprofessional in her preparations for class? No.

No. In none of his correspondence does Sanchioni allege Amy was not a good teacher.  In fact, she is regarded as a great teacher.  

In what way, then, was she uncooperative or unprofessional or divisive and obstructive? What exactly did Amy Mullen do that was so wrong? What was her crime?

It was this: Amy Mullen spoke out. Unequivocally and unapologetically. In short, Amy Mullen did what Union leaders do.READ MORE

UNAP @WeAreUNAP Twitter:@KentHospital Robert Haffey made a callous and irresponsible decision to replace seven dedicated dialysis nurses with an out-of-state, for-profit company that’s been accused of scheming lower-income patients. Here’s our complete statement:


Congratulations are in order for DLT Director Scott Jensen and the outstanding members of SEIU, Local 401 under the tremendous leadership of Charles “Chuck” Matley.

Providence Journal: R.I. a standout in processing unemployment claims

Rhode Island was hit faster and harder by coronavirus-related unemployment claims than any other state, but a report says that could be a sign of success in the state’s unemployment insurance system.

Although the state Department of Labor and Training acknowledges it has been swamped by the unprecedented surge in claims, it has accepted, processed and paid claims faster than other states, according to a report from Kevin Rinz, a labor economist in the Census Bureau’s Center for Economic Studies.

“Only Rhode Island stands out as having both [received] a large number of claims relative to its labor force and [issued] a large number of first payments relative to its volume of claims,” Rinz wrote.

In the week ending March 21, Rhode Island had more jobless claims as a share of its employment base than any other state, the report said.

As in other states that saw heavy early claims, the surge in Rhode Island was probably not a result of particular characteristics of the state’s economy, Rinz wrote, but because the state’s unemployment insurance system was accepting claims that other states weren’t.


Providence Journal: Celebrating nurses: ‘This is what I was meant to do’

Jamie Leco has been a nurse at Kent Hospital for 15 years. Before she started, she wasn’t really sure what she wanted to do. Then a friend started talking about going into nursing.

“When she said it,” Leco said, “it just clicked. I just can’t imagine doing anything else. This is what I was meant to do.”

Leco now works as a registered nurse in the critical care step-down area of Kent Hospital, caring for patients who are too sick for the general medical floors but not sick enough for intensive care. She lives in North Attleboro with her daughters, 8 and 10.

Leco spoke to The Journal by telephone on Wednesday. It was the start of Nurse Appreciation Week, and another day of a relative plateau of coronavirus patients in Rhode Island. The interview has been edited for length and clarity.


RICOSH: Spring Newsletter


Construction Drive: The new normal: 8 ways the coronavirus crisis is changing construction

In the span of two months, the coronavirus crisis has demanded sweeping changes from the U.S. construction industry, and experts say many of them will remain in place even after the outbreak recedes.

As contractors prepare to return to work on sites that have been shut down by shelter-in-place initiatives, they will face an industry that has been drastically changed by the both public health and economic effects of the pandemic.

“There are new factors coming into play now that you or I never thought about,” said Joe Natarelli, leader of Marcum LLP’s national Construction Industry Group. “And people need to plan now to be prepared for the long term.”

From a renewed emphasis on jobsite safety to longer project delivery times and the increased influence of organized labor, the virus has upended many facets of the industry. Companies that try to return to a business-as-usual mentality will face a harsh new reality, Natarelli said.


Union Plus: Union-Made Mother’s Day
Mother’s Day is coming! Make sure you show mom how much you appreciate her. Shower her with love (and these union-made gifts) this year!

Remember to purchase your flowers at Stop & Shop, Shaws and Eastside Marketplace where our Union Members work.

For more information visit Website.

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CARAVAN FOR Caregiver Heroes: TODAY – Thursday, May 7th @ 4 p.m., 86 Mt. Hope Ave, Providence

Caregivers at the Groden Center are working hard every day to educate and care for students with autism. They’re working with less support than normal, in cramped congregate settings. The students they care for are more stressed leading to a much tougher work environment.

It’s a tough job under normal circumstances, but even harder when you’re putting yourself and your families at risk of COVID-19 exposure. After several staff tested positive, it took management days to notify staff they could have been exposed and two weeks to deep clean the group homes. Groden management has given a small amount of hazard time to some employees but not union members. Groden continues to refuse to negotiate hazard pay with many dedicated caregivers. RSVP on Facebook Here or RI@SEIU1199NE.org


Taylor Farms Action

UFCW Local 328 will be assembling at Taylor Farms from 11 – 3:30 pm, this Friday, May 8

Taylor Farms Address and potential spot for parking: 320 Commerce Park Rd., North Kingstown, RI 02852

(The company is located on the corner of Commerce Park Rd and Ocean State Drive)

Parking spots for the Staff: On Commerce Park Rd or on Smith Street

Parking spot for the Truck with the Billboard: On Ocean State Drive:  

Because the main door entrance to the parking lot of the company is on Ocean State Drive


Friday @ Noon – 1 p.m. on FaceBook

Join us every Friday to meet the leaders who provide essential services for Rhode Islanders every day. You’ll hear stories of hope, thoughts on recovery, and aspirations for a more equitable future.

Host: Cortney Nicolato, President and CEO, United Way RI

Limited seating. Sign-up HERE


Voices in Labor:

Though Martin Luther King, Jr. had recently been assassinated, his Poor People’s March on Washington, D.C. proceeded as planned, led by his successor Ralph Abernathy. 3,000 people erected Resurrection City on the Mall until the 17th of May. – 1968

This day marked the birth of Richard Trevellick, a ship carpenter, founder of the American National Labor Union and later head of the National Labor Congress, America’s first national labor organization. – 1830

John J. Sweeney, president of the Service Employees International Union from 1980 to 1995, then president of the AFL-CIO from 1995 to 2009, was born in The Bronx, New York. – 1934


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