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Rhode Island AFL-CIO Union Directory

An updated Union Directory listing union goods and services in R.I. can be found on our website at www.RhodeIslandAFLCIO.org under the “Resources” tab.

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Please use this directory to find where you can buy union and use services in Rhode Island.


RISAFF Twitter: Press Release regarding Middletown Council President Sylvia’s comments in the Newport Daily News article published on January, 14, 2020.



Providence Journal: Middletown council removes union negotiations from Town Administrator Shawn Brown’s duties

The dispute over the firefighters contract in arbitration has been bitter, with the Middletown Firefighters Local 1933 demanding more staffing while the town is concerned about controlling costs.

MIDDLETOWN — The Town Council has removed Town Administrator Shawn Brown from his duties of representing the town during union collective bargaining negotiations and contract arbitration hearings – including current arbitration hearings and pending contract negotiations with firefighters that have been controversial recently.

“We have engaged attorney Vincent F. Ragosta Jr. of Providence, who will be briefed in the next several days on the current status of our firefighter collective bargaining efforts,” said Town Council President Robert Sylvia in a written statement released after a special council meeting was held Friday night.

“Attorney Ragosta will then champion the process going forward,” Sylvia said. “For years we have charged Mr. Brown with the task of championing collective bargaining agreements, which I believe unintentionally created an uncomfortable environment for him as well as our town employees.”

The dispute over the firefighters contract in arbitration has been bitter, with the Middletown Firefighters Local 1933 demanding more staffing while the town is concerned about controlling costs.-READ MORE

William E. Spriggs, Chief Economist of AFL-CIO

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Quote of the week

“This settlement agreement finally delivers justice for workers who experienced serious hardship in their lives due to CNN’s union-busting practices. This incredible settlement in workers’ favor should send a very clear message to CNN and to other employers that union-busting is illegal and has consequences.” —NABET-CWA President Charlie Braico

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*** POSTPONED – Union Member Candidate Program

The Rhode Island Union Candidate Program Open House on January 22 at 5:30 p.m. at the UFCW, Local 28 has been postponed to a later date. We will post the event in our weekly E-News once a date has been rescheduled.

Sign-up for the next Leadership for a Future class.
The application is open and the deadline to apply is January 31, 2020.
Link to application: https://www.riilsr.org/leaf-application


Voices in Labor:

The original Tompkins Square Riot occurred on this date. Unemployed workers were demonstrating in New York’s Tompkins Square Park, when mounted police charged into the crowd, beating men, women and children indiscriminately with clubs, leaving hundreds of casualties in their wake. Police Commissioner Abram Duryee said, “It was the most glorious sight I ever saw.” The demonstration occurred during the depression of 1873-1877, the worst depression in the history of the U.S. until the Great Depression of the 1930s. Over 3 million were unemployed. In the winter of 1873 alone, 900 people starved to death, and 3,000 deserted infants on doorsteps. – 1874

260,000 U.S. electrical workers struck against General Electric, Westinghouse, and General Motors. – 1946

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was born on this date. King once said, “We look around every day and we see thousands and millions of people making inadequate wages. Not only do they work in our hospitals, they work in our hotels, they work in our laundries, they work in domestic service, they find themselves unemployed. You see, no labor is really menial unless you’re not getting adequate wages”. – 1929


Next Week on Labor Vision:

In the first half of the show, Erica Hammond sits down with the presidents of two of the largest public sector unions in the state, respectively, Lawrence Purtill of the National Education Association Rhode Island and Frank Flynn of the R.I. Federation of Teachers and Health Professionals, to talk about their upcoming legislative agenda for the coming year, and their concerns after hearing about a looming deficit and needs for more cuts.

And in the second half of the show, in another of our “Know Your Unions” segments, Jim Cenerini the Legislative Affairs Coordinator/Lobbyist/Staff Representative forAFSCME Council 94 sits down with Erica to talk about the coming budget and how it affects not only his members but all Rhode Islanders, some his unions’ legislative issues – like addressing his public safety members’ issues, and “reinstatement of licensing of clinical laboratory science practioners.”

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