Senate District 8 – Special Election

As mentioned at our previous executive board meeting, a special election will be held in Senate District 8 (Pawtucket) due to the resignation of State Senator James E. Doyle II. The Legislative District Activists Committee (LDAC) in Senate District 8 was activated and interviewed two of the three democratic candidates for the vacant seat, Sandra Cano and Matthew Fecteau. David Norton did not respond.  The LDAC voted unanimously to recommend that Ms. Sandra Cano receive the Rhode Island AFL-CIO endorsement based on her response to questions posed about issues important to working families. Ms. Cano currently serves on the Pawtucket City Council.

We fully concur with the LDAC recommendation to endorse Sandra Cano and solicit your support. The timeline for the special election is very short (Primary election will be held on Tuesday, February 27, 2018 and General election on Tuesday, April 3, 2018) therefore, we are asking that you inform your membership of our decision to endorse and encourage them to become actively involved in Ms. Cano’s election campaign.

You can contact Sandra’s campaign and receive further information by visiting her campaign website at